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A common question we hear is, “Will you match the price of another company?” The answer for us is typically a no. When hiring a vendor for an event, whether it is a DJ, a photographer or a caterer each service is never the same. All DJ’s are not created equal. All photographers offer something different and every caterer has a different style of preparation and presentation.

The question I always ask prospective clients what are you looking for? The best price or the best experience? Of course the traditional response is we want the best experience for the best price and that is a good answer. The experience that is created by every vendor in every category is very different.

In my 21 years as a Disc Jockey I spent time with three different entertainment companies before I started Electra Entertainment. One company’s philosophy was to be the cheapest price in town. Another company’s motto was to be the group that booked the most events in town and not worry if 20% of clients were dissatisfied. The other wanted to be simple.

At Electra I wanted to create the perfect experience. I wanted to combine amazing talent and dazzling setups to create the perfect event. Each event gets its own detailed attention and is executed by talented professionals who work together. That experience is why we can’t price match because we know others don’t do what we do. But if you give us a chance we will make sure we create and deliver the experience of a life time.