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Every venue, every room, every party is different. Having a special event like a Wedding, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Quinceanera or a Birthday is a once in a lifetime celebration. Your DJ can do more then just play music l

Your DJ is going to be a huge part of your event. DJ’s can do a whole lot more then setup sound systems. Adding some lights can change any room from simple to exciting. Think of what else you can do, like adding pipe and drape with some ambient LED up lights and now you have a different atmosphere.

This event was was in a room that was in the shape of an octagon and had huge windows that looked over a parking lot.

We added some pipe and drape and up lit the drapes purple. Adding two vertical trusses and one arch truss with six light fixtures and a typical hotel room now looked like a cool night club.

With Electra Entertainment your not hiring a DJ, your hiring an experience.